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Bill's campaign isn't about's about YOU. It's about bringing all of us together to lead and execute a vision for Norman that builds the future that the people of Norman want for themselves and their families. A vision built on...

  • A vibrant, inclusive Norman with quality jobs. We need to stem the exodus of young people to other cities because of the lack of quality jobs in Norman. As Mayor, Bill will work with others to actively recruit quality employers to Norman.

  • Addressing Norman's traffic and neglected roads and infrastructure. 

  • Strengthening our neighborhoods, which strengthens our schools.

  • Doing everything in our power to support and partner with our local schools, which is why Bill has already proposed the city further subsidizing the Norman Public Schools' school resource officer program to help NPS with budget cuts. 

  • Building a 21st Century Stand-alone Senior Wellness Center(s). Our seniors deserve much better and Bill has proven he can get the job done for them.

  • Creating the state's best youth sports facilities and nurturing a world-class art scene.

  • A robust public transit system that connects all residents and attracting affordable and accessible housing so all residents can pursue their dreams. 

Working together, we can make Bill's vision... The People's Vision... a reality for Norman. Please support our movement for Norman and vote for Bill on February 12.